Educational Projects

Miss Paulette’s Philosophy: Miss Paulette dedicated her life to illuminating the importance of dance, creative arts, and education. Through our Miss Paulette’s Philosophy project we teach academic subjects and age appropriate social life lessons through arts-integrated dance activities, classes, and performances for students from grades K-16.

Seek-A-Book: Through the Seek-A-Book project we adapt the words on written pages into movement stories. We work with young kids in the community to promote literacy and imaginative reflection by sharing dance story adaptations at local schools and bookstores.

Rhyme and Reason: This project connects elements of Hip Hop culture, spoken word, and dance to respond to and reflect on current events and social justice topics.

Project M-Dance Detectives: Participants investigate mainstream dance videos, songs and other forms of popularized media as if they are detectives. They deconstruct and translate comments, questions, and alternatives for media messages through these original mediums. For example, if they deconstruct messages and images in song and dance video mediums then they work to reconstruct alternative song and dance video mediums.

Dance Workshops & Classes

Through dance workshops we use movement and other art forms to explore and express an educational, social, and/or health message. One example of a dance workshop that we offer during the month of November is called Moves in Gratitude. Through Qigong influences and Afro-Derived movement philosophies we explore what it might mean to feel and express more gratitude for our bodies, the lives we live, and the earth we share. Our dance classes also share meaningful messages through dance and focus a bit more on dance technique, mental and physical health goals, and/or the cultural context of a particular dance form. We offer seasonal senior, adult, teen, and youth dance workshops and classes. Please contact us to learn more about our season-specific dance workshops, classes, and registration.

Community & Cultural Projects

Family Trees in Motion: Encourages dance based investigations of our personal ancestry. Interview family from your maternal and/or paternal lineage and discover or rediscover your cultural background along with larger historical moments that correspond with your cultural background through dance.

Re-W(right) the Tale: Invites participants to learn about well-known and less known fairy tales and select one tale to alter in relation to dance and arts that are informed by cultural and environmental awareness.

Cultural Ambassador’s Program: DDI Cultural Ambassadors are dancers that commit to learning about and experiencing parts of the rich cultural contexts and histories of Pan-African dance in order to share their lessons with surrounding schools and communities. Cultural Keepers are Cultural Ambassadors that focus more generally on preserving and connecting different cultures through movement.

Dance-Giving: As part of this project we gift random dance acts of kindness. Whether we share a flash mob, guided dance improvisations, or other interactive dance activities designed to generate laughs, smiles, and joy, we deliver these dance gifts to help you brighten your day and feel more connection to the present moment.

HeArt Work: Through this project we assemble creative arts-based care packages for seniors, cancer survivors, everyday s/heroes and other members of our communities. We also work to collect and raise funds through dance and other art forms to help people in need during the aftermath of human or natural disasters.

Moves to Mend: Connects college student leaders with community members across differences in order to inspire critical awareness and honest reflection about justice and sustainability through peaceful dialogue, movement activities, and peace building strategies.

Health and Wellness Programs

Love in Motion (L.I.M): This program involves learning and developing dance moves and choreo-poems that are based on affirming definitions of healthy love from poems, songs, and/or original materials.

Ashe Frequency ©: A group of students that practice and share Dr. T’s Movement Meditation© techniques and principles with various schools and communities.

Healing Touch: This program focuses on honoring the environment and experiencing the healing properties of nature and connection on visual, physical, and sonic levels.

Jump In: Through street rope, physical fitness, and sports, we engage activities that encourage cooperative skills and demonstrate the healthy relational benefits of teamwork. We often connect college athletes to surrounding community members for this program.

All is Well & Well is Art: This program is designed to help people learn, develop, and deliver wellness practices, messages, and tips for healthy living through dance, drawing, music-making, and other art forms.

Healthy Moves: This initiative encourages dance movement activities, creative exercises, and social support for caretakers and aging adults with and without health challenges.